Our glass mosaic store offer only part of assortment. Our full range can be found on the website and in catalogs www.topmozaiki.pl

We are cooperating with factories and manufacyures of glass  mosaics in Poland and abroad supply glass mosaic from a few years to wholesalers, selected shops and architects gradually expanding the offer available to retail customers.We also offer unique on the European market mosaics made in Poland in 100% form float glass.
Customers can individualize order by specifying the size and color mosaics. We offer printing on glass, printing on glass mosaic.

We are working only with selected manufacturers, monitoring the quality of products on a regular basis. Our mosaics can be found in water parks, swimming pools, SPA centers, hotels, medical centers and private homes.

Contact phone 608 135 002 or 504 921 929
Telephone +48 33 822 45 03 email: sklep@topmozaiki.pl

MMW Craft Miroslaw Myjkowski
ul.Rezedowa 13
43-300 Bielsko-Biala
NIP: 873-268-73-31

REGON 240927337

Our activities are entered in the register of business activity conducted by the Mayor of Bielsko-Biala under the number 62088.

Bank account: Alior Bank 53249000050000450083499934